Egypt’s Benban: World’s Largest Solar Energy Complex

Not many people know that the first solar energy station in the world was established in Egypt, where the American engineer Frank Schumann established and operated the station in the Maadi district, south of Cairo, in 1911. Egypt was chosen as the site for the first solar energy station due to its sunny climate almost all year round. Just as Egypt was the site of the first solar power station in...


Development of Hadayek Al-Ahram City

The city of Hadayek Al-Ahram is witnessing developments in harmony with the planned development of the pyramids area to be an active part of the tourist capital of Egypt, which includes the development of the Nazlet El-Semman area, the Hadayek Al-Ahram area, Fayoum Road, the pyramids area, and the Grand Egyptian Museum. Safety rates have been increased within the city, as a contract was made with the...

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