An in-depth study of the real estate market, especially in the Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October areas, shows that there is a clear discrepancy between the levels provided by other real estate companies, whether in services or real estate provided, as many of them are characterized by exaggeratedly high costs, which makes them deficient on a social level. Certain, and the rest is characterized by the low quality provided to customers, which makes the demand for it noticeably weak. Hence, we had to create a company that meets the needs of the broader segment of customers, providing apartments for sale in 6th of October to them that combine high quality in location and implementation, and Prices suitable for all social levels and segments. The company includes “Al-Oula Real Estate” Many pioneering experiences in the field of real estate investment, who have experience in major institutions and bodies, as it is an extension of large and long-standing experiences in the field of development, real estate investment and contracting.

Al-Oula Real Estate, we have been working in real estate development and contracting for more than 12 years. We specialize in project management and planning and urban development. We implement many real estate projects inside Egypt. The company owns several projects in West Cairo, 6th of October City, Sheikh Zayed City, and Hadayek Al-Ahram City. We build a success story with every project that achieves the goals and aspirations of our clients with all technical and ethical commitment. And enhancing the values ​​of teamwork, innovation, communication, and attention to the human element, as it is the main foundation for achieving the company’s vision and mission.
Mr . Mohamed Mansour
CEO Al Oula Development

Al Oula Development

Years of experience and development of more than 2,500 housing units

Providing a high-quality real estate product at a competitive price that meets the various aspirations of customers and builds bridges of trust between the company and the different segments of the real estate market.
Our message
Achieving comprehensive real estate development that meets all the needs of the Egyptian market in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in light of the general vision of urban expansion in the country.
Our vision

More than 25 years of experience in real estate investment

Establishing a customer service department at the highest level to keep the customer informed of all developments in the project, receive all his inquiries or complaints, and deal with them directly. Providing the best value to the customer for the lowest price We carefully choose our locations to achieve excellence in open views and proximity to main roads and service areas Drawing the structural and architectural design according to standard standards and taking into account the optimal exploitation of spaces within the property Construction is under the supervision of the company’s consultants and engineers, moment by moment, and to ensure that the highest quality standards are applied during all stages of the project Full commitment to delivering projects according to the schedule and finishing specifications agreed upon in the client’s contract

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